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Law: Understanding Canada's evolving Oil & Gas Law

The oil & gas industry is Canada's largest single private investor, propelling $54 billion in annual capital spending and contributing $26 billion in taxes and royalties to government revenue. But just as Canada lacks a comprehensive national energy policy, the practice of law as it pertains to the oil and gas industry has yet to develop clear, definable boundaries. English | 中文

Natural Gas: Do the Chinese Know More Than We Do?

When a seller receives twice the asking price for a sales item his initial elation may soon turn to anxiety. Might the buyer know more about the item's real value than does the seller?  Peter Tertzakian ponders this question in the context of Sinopec's recent $2.2 billion acquisition of the debt-ridden Daylight Energy. English | 中文

Tight Oil: International potential of Canadian oilfield technology

High profile investments into North America's tight oil resource plays echo the transformative developments in shale gas and will significantly boost continental oil reserves. But Robert Johnston shows how the far greater upside for reserves growth lies in the potential export of tight oil production techniques and expertise around the world. English | 中文



Investing: Socially Responsible Investing and the Energy Industry

Rising numbers of institutional investors subscribe to Socially Responsible Investing principles. Activities of energy companies are screened for environmental performance, social equity and governance. Philip Chang shows how this trend can't be ignored by national oil companies in China and elsewhere.  English | 中文

Tight Oil: Shale gas technology shifts to new style resource play

The technology that unlocked the massive shale gas prize — horizontal drilling and multistage fracturing — has hardly skipped a beat as it jumps to a new host in emerging tight oil and liquids-rich plays as well as “vintage” oil plays across the North American continent, including the Bakken and the Viking of Saskatchewan and the Cardium of Alberta. English | 中文

History: East-West Tension and the Development of West Coast Infrastructure

Western Canadians once saw their economic destiny steered by Eastern elites. In the prairies, particularly in Alberta, sentiments of "Western alienation" still linger. Just as the railway helped build Canada, the country's future prosperity will likewise require massive  infrastructure projects such as pipelines to the Pacific. Roger Gibbins puts the challenges in an historical context. English | 中文

Investing: Analyst's secrets to picking oil & gas stocks

Ken Lam reveals a no-nonsense approach to identifying junior Canadian oil & gas companies with high growth potential. An excellent introduction to the arcane science of energy stock analysis for those looking for a rule-of-thumb methodology without hype or jargon. 
English | 中文

IP: Issues Arising from Foreign Investment in Canadian Energy Projects

Technologies in any oil sands operation, and their associated intellectual property rights, are important considerations for any company making an investment in the oil sands. Mark Sajewyzc points out that the intellectual property associated with oil sands-related technology can provide competitive advantages and add value, when the company actually enjoys the rights to it. English | 中文 

Energy Economics: Fiscal Pulse of the Upstream Oil & Gas Economy

Canada’s oil and gas industry is the envy of the world. 34 million people are privileged to own one of the world's largest hydrocarbon resource endowments. Yet how many oil & gas exporting countries can boast all the collective qualities that distinguish Canada’s from any other? Perhaps none, but energy economist Peter Tertzakian cautions his countrymen against hubris. English | 中文

LNG: Canada LNG Strategy Aligns With Emerging Global Gas Market

For northeastern British Columbia to grow natural gas production to a technically feasible 7 billion from less than 2 billion cubic feet per day today, Western Canadian gas must find new markets. Asia looms as the obvious market because of its size and rapid growth. Robert Johnston assesses the magnitude of the opportunity for Canadian gas export plays from the West Coast.  English | 中文

Law: Investment treaties affect capital flow into energy sector

International lawyer Michael Hooton examines the important legal protections that bilateral investment treaties may offer multinational corporations making investments in other countries. There are currently over 2600 BITs in the world; over 177 countries have entered into 1 or more. English | 中文

Report: Energy Bridge completes Chinese version of Canadian oil & gas report

On an annual basis, the Canadian upstream oil & gas industry generates over $100 billion in revenue, $20 billion in royalties, land sales and taxes, and $50 billion of investment into infrastructure and jobs. In April 2011, ARC Financial Corp.'s chief energy economist authored a report, Turmoil & Renewal, that examines the financial health of Canada biggest industry. Energy Bridge completed the Chinese version

Op-ed: Energy & the re-branding of Canada

Sebastian Gault examines whether Canadians are ready to acknowledge Canada's status of "energy powerhouse". The oil & gas sector arguably forms the cornerstone of the country's economy, yet entrenched prejudices prevent its contributions from being fully appreciated. While the industry's importance increases, environmental resistence intensifies. English | 中文 

Environment: The changing landscape of oilsands reclamation obligations

In recent years, Alberta’s oilsands have come under increasing scrutiny, particularly by those who maintain that environmental concerns are being ignored in favour of development opportunities. An important element in the debate about environmental stewardship relates to the reclamation obligations which presently exist under Alberta law.  English | 中文

Management: The Rise of Asian Investment in Western Canada

As Asian national petroleum companies transition from non-operational to operational acquisitions in their Canadian oil & gas investments, they face an array of integration management challenges. Lance Mortlock counsels for the embrace of a more international corporate culture and decentralized business models.  English | 中文

Law: Buying petroleum & natural gas assets in Alberta

Buying a direct interest in oil & gas in Alberta is not as straightforward as buying a house. Chrysten Perry and Alan Harvie explain the complexities of acquiring mineral rights by showing the historical evolution of the legal situation both provincially and nationwide. English | 中文

Report: Deloitte examines 10 trends facing Canada's oilsands

While Canada’s oilsands industry continues to be the target of mounting scrutiny regarding its environmental footprint, opportunities increase for sustainable growth, improved operations and green technology innovation. A report by Deloitte Canada suggests that companies operating in Canada’s oil sands should consider unprecedented levels of collaboration to overcome these challenges and further improve business and environmental performance.  
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